Autumn ball ball with the dog!

Leaves cover our yard now
Sprinkling themselves out
As hiding places to distract
From what is expected
Of me and the ball.

Where is that gray round ball
Object of passion and taste
Lurking under your scattered
Collecting Colorful grace
Only the dog knows.

Waiting with paws drawn
Cradling the object of concern
Drawing me out into her space
Playing field of joy and smells
Eyes sad and hopeful.

With a swing of the foot
The chase is ongoing
Lunging with tongue to the side
Paws in all directions
Ball has no chance to escape.

Again we cover the yard
Leaves move out of our way
Focus is only as strong
As smells that rise to the nose
Distractions cover the yard.

Where is the gray round ball
Only the nose knows
I now can’t see it on the ground
Colors of autumn distract
My untrained eyes.

All I can do, to keep it going
Is ask the dog where did it go
And with a gaze and a pose
She announces her frustration
And the location of her ball.


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