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Connecting Moments

Connecting Moments is a series of paintings inspired by my time spent with my mother, as Alzheimer’s fragmented her memories and her connection to the world. Each painting has multiple panels representing these fragmented memories, but when reconfigured and connected as a single moment, a story of vibrant resilience, against an approaching darkness, emerges.

This is not just my mother’s Alzheimer’s story, but our shared human story. A story of momentum and inspiration.

Residue Series

My Residue Art is the synthesis of my love for typography and an ability to simplify complex visual ideas with raw emotional marks on paper. I am putting my whole body into my paint strokes, letting the motion/action dictate the composition.

Then by removing the medium with different degrees of force, I reveal what has always been there, as a sculptor does with stone.  The spontaneous blending and removal of paint creates an abstract composition of color and texture. The texture is the residue of paint that will not be washed away, like the underlying wisdom and strength we all possess – our authentic self.

2023 Collages

2023 Collages

Art created by cutting apart that didn’t make the cut!

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