Mary’s Tent

Over the last weekend our daughter graduated from high school and is off to college in the fall. To mark this important passage in her life and ours – I wrote the following poem to give voice to how her mother and I where feeling. Also I would like to thank my good friend Betsy for her title suggestion!

Mary’s Tent

It is white,
large and billowing in the breeze
of a Sunday in June.

It sits on a green field
that has seen many
great and small milestones
in the lives of who have
walked and played on it.

Now, on this June day
these lives are on this field,
with this community,
for one last time.

The tent holds us and reminds us
of the roles that we played
to reach this point.

For each of us the tent is
our own dreams,
our own fears, and
our own child.

So on this June day,
Mary’s tent holds her one last time
as her parents held her
for the first time so many years ago.


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