Looking in the mirror – who do I really see?

About 15 years ago I was on a personal journey of discovery. As part of this journey, I joined a group of creative souls who met every month for support, encouragement and insight into our selves. This group was not large but had a creative diversity that allowed all of us to be seen by many points of view. During our meetings, to facilitate personal growth, we would be presented with questions, words or thoughts to respond to.

One of these group responses was to describe our relationship with 3 words, exposure, expressive, expansion. What came out of these words was a self-portrait, a mirror into my relationship with my father. These 3 words meant that I needed to expose my true self, by expressing who I was in my art, so that I could expand beyond my father and who I thought he thought I was.

This portrait shows a determined and purposeful self, finding his voice through his anger. Now I know this portrait is a mirror into my self and finding the truth in myself as a father, husband and artist. My art is a mirror into who I really am. The painting was left with parts undone, as was my own journey.

In the past year this personal journey has started again, it’s been almost a ten year hiatus but the themes, the dreams and the hope to understand and celebrate myself has been rekindled – just in time.

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