So, this is Greece!

We experienced winds singing through ancient narrow stone paths. Journeyed past aging sights and smells of history that still embrace the sweet sun and homemade cooking. We were greeted at every turn, by white washed buildings, standing ageless in their place.

Our days embrace the rhythms of the sun, the sea, the food, the winds, the history, and the Greek people. Every morning we were greeted by an easy expectation of that day’s opportunities, nothing rushed, nothing artificial. Just an authentic love for the world we were welcomed into by the team at Bearing True South.

Stav and Kostas, our Bearing True South team became our family, experiencing every moment as we did, with a joy of discovery and wonder at every meal eaten, at every sailing tack taken, and at every ancient site viewed. Their enthusiasm for their country made us feel we belonged.

We embraced feta cheese, pastries, capers, and the meals that went on for hours. We experienced walking tours through historical landscapes that made the ancient world come alive with each alley we turned up. We visited turquoise blue inlets to swim and eat lunch with fresh salads of tomatos, cucumbers, capers, onions, lettuce, olives and feta. Always accompanied with fresh bread and local wine.

And then there were the pastries! Everywhere we went, every island had a bakery that was run by generations of bakers using ingredients grown and raised by their own hands. The smells coming from the stores in the morning made the days even better. And Stav knew which ones to go to, for specific pastries. It quickly became a morning adventure.

Connecting everything and all the islands and history was the sailing. Kostas, our skipper not only know sailing but loved it. Every morning with a coffee and pastry in hand, we would watch Kostas bring our sailboat out of our evening mooring and into the blue Agean Sea. He would delight in our requests to raise the sails. Once sailing, his face would light up with a sense of wonder and wisdom that put us all at ease. We loved how the boat moved and rocked with the wind and swells of the sea under the blue, blue skies, what joy!

As you can tell, our time in Greece with Stav and Kostas was a wonderful and life affirming journey for all our senses.

If you have ever dreamt of exploring the Greek islands, your only choice is with Bearing True South. We will be back, for more Greece, but really for these people who became our family.

Contact Info:
Stavros Makris
Bearing True South


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