MOOP is an acronym for ‘Matter Out Of Place’ and is part of the ethos of Leave No Trace at the Burning Man event. 

We enjoy daily walks around our beautiful neighborhoods, and appreciate the fresh breezes, views of Long Island Sound, sights of neighbors walking dogs and kids playing outdoors. We had noticed with some dismay that there was a fair amount of MOOP visible along Shippan’s streets and sidewalks – empty bottles/cans/cups, food wrappers, pieces of bubble wrap, bottle tops, plastic lids, foam packing peanuts, small pieces of broken plastic, even occasional bags of dog poop – are among of the items we see. As a waterfront community, we need to be especially mindful that much of this can enter the Sound through storm drains or strong winds, polluting beaches and the water itself.

Rather than continue walking by, we were inspired to start bringing a kitchen trash bag with us once a week. The first time we did this, to our surprise, we had filled a 13-gallon trash bag! Subsequent weeks we’ve typically returned with the bag half full. 

Now that most of us are staying/working/learning from home, and we’re thankfully able to enjoy such a beautiful neighborhood where we can walk/run/bike outdoors – we’d like to invite you to join us in this small act of community service while you’re out walking. 

Please SCOOP the MOOP (no piece is too small to make a difference) and let’s collectively leave no trace on our streets. You can do this in your neighborhood too. 

As always, and especially now, wear gloves when you pick up MOOP and wash your gloves and hands when you return home.

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