John Ambrose – Potter

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In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna (God) tells Arjuna (man) “Therefore, constantly unattached, perform that action which is your duty.  Indeed, by performing action while unattached, Man attains the Supreme”.  I’m a retired accountant and insurance manager who spent his working life deeply involved in the financial and contractual aspects of today’s hectic world.  Now that I’m retired, I’ve been able to step back from the hectic world of business and spend more time on the business of my own self-development.

I’ve always enjoyed the beauty and craftsmanship of pottery and over the years my wife and I would often find ourselves buying “one more” unique piece that we found at a craft fair or art show.  I’d find myself saying “I’d love to learn how to do that”.  A little over three years ago, while investigating the open house of a local potter, who’s work I had admired for years, I discovered that not only was he a long-time yogi, but that he also offered pottery classes at his studio. Clearly was a match made in heaven. The Universe was sending me a signal. I immediately signed up for the next class session.  I’ve been studying with and learning from him ever since.

The quote I mentioned above from the Bhagavad Gita is very easy to understand as a potter, since there are so very many ways for a virtual pot to be ruined in its journey from clay to table.  The work/action of pottery needs to be undertaken without expectation or attachment to the fruits of the effort.  Pottery teaches patience and non-attachment in a very direct and simple way.  It’s been a real joy to see the evolution of my work, to find that more often than not, my virtual pot may actually emerge into the world as an actual pot, and it may even bear a passing resemblance to the image I had for the clay when I started.  Pottery and Yoga have both taught me that life is a journey of discovery. I hope you will enjoy my pottery, as you continue your own journey. as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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