First Guided Art Event

TIME: March 11, 2018
LOCATION: Stamford , CT
What a fabulous experience it was as Nat guided us through creating our very own, personal piece of art!

From beginning to end, it was fun, exciting, stimulating, and very very freeing. 90 minutes flew in a flash. We left feeling peaceful, content, and proud of the amazing piece of art we actually created!

Nat’s way of guiding us through the unique process was gentle and encouraging, always positive, and allowed us to truly relax, quiet our minds, and just let ourselves go with it. What a blast it was exploring hidden talents that paint and a garden house revealed!!! (yes, a garden hose…)

Thank you Nat for a truly uplifting experience, and a strong reminder of the awesome spirit that is always alive inside each of us!!!   We’ll be back to do this again!   And we’ll send a pic when it’s installed.    XOX – Olga & Eddie




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