Rooting for Tarzan

Unvarnished. Raw. Candid. Honest. No Holds Barred.

This is a must see presentation for all who are concerned with the future of race relations in American Society.


Rooting for Tarzan: The Socialization of Whites and Blacks in American Society is the creation of two life-long friends as a forum to explore the Black and White perspectives on race. Designed to be the most honest discussions ever presented, Mike Jefferson and Bob Pellegrino offer their audience the unique opportunity to hear the blunt truths about why we are stuck and the solutions necessary to move our society to a higher level of understanding.

Robert Pellegrino, author of I See Color and Michael A. Jefferson, author of Deo Vindice: The Resurrection, have made it their mission to examine and challenge the racial socialization process of blacks and whites in American society.  Both men, who have been friends for nearly 30 years take a no holds barred approach to tackling this issue.  “We’ve been eager to have an honest, candid and thorough dialogue about race for years,” Pellegrino says. 

Relying on extensive knowledge obtained from reading scores of books, articles, essays, etc. and gaining additional understanding via personal and professional experiences, the two men unflinchingly delve into this highly controversial subject matter. With surgical precision they provide their audience with a thorough analysis of the problem and offer sound solutions for addressing what they call America’s ancient sin.


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