Professional Entrepreneur Branding System

Your business identity has changed from a corporate image to a personal resume. Where once you had unlimited resources, now you have yourself. Roles and responsibilities for operations, development, marketing and relations have been replaced by a single person, you.

Now, you must find new and flexible connection points to your audiences that overcome the barrier inherent with entrepreneurs – credibility.

Credibility is the result of consistency, in your product, your results and your image. As a entrepreneur I understand the the need for credibility, and I understand the time, resources and costs obstacles of obtaining it.

That’s why I have developed a marketing system that is tailored you our strengths, computer knowledge and software, personal involvement and flexibility.

Design System Steps
Here you find a step by step process, questions to help distinguish yourself, elements you might need, and costs. This process can be done in stages or all at once.
Business Positioning

How do you describe your business?

What is the one feature that makes you unique?

How do you describe your uniqueness to clients?

Who is your competition and what are they doing differently?

What are your long-term goals?

Who is your audience?

How does your audience get information?

What emotional message you want others to experience working with you?

Any business taboos?


Answers to these questions will help set the stage for the following steps.


Hosting Setup
Features to look for with a hosting provider.

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Easy-Install WordPress
  3. Email Accounts
  4. Storage
  5. Bandwidth
  6. Security & Backup
  7. Tech Support
Simple Logo or Wordmark
Whether you are using your own name for your business or not, one of the simplest ways to distinguish your business is to choose a typeface that reflects your business positioning. After selecting a typeface then you can still customize how your name by using caps or not.

If your business needs away to distinguish between different products/services, you might want a visual element to help tie together all the parts together. Using a simple mark created out of initials and placed in a shape can give you a that element.



Stationery System
Traditional printed stationery systems with letterheads, envelopes, note cards and business cards have been replaced by electronic Microsoft Word templates that are printed out on your personal printer.

The only stationery element that needs to be printed is the business card and it should be on great heavy paper to stand out with your clients.



Imagery - Branded Art
To help build your brand, you need to own your own visual elements that will give you a fuller expression of your business positioning. Traditionally businesses would use custom photography, but that’s too expensive and stock images are now over used.

Branded art is the combination of several brand elements, typefaces, colors, logo elements, abbreviations and theme words, into a single original artwork. Branded art will define the underlying emotional strength of a company while creating a tangible and reassuring experience in a dynamic mobile world.



PDF Fact Sheet
Although your website will be where others will learn about you and your services, often having a PDF document that you can email is helpful. This PDF can be added to a website for download.


1 to 4 page: $1,000

Your website is your most visual asset where you tell your story through words, images and resources that you could offer.


1 page website: $1,500

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