A Story about a Saturday Walk

Trains of smiling animated faces
People touching and talking
As towns and screens flicker on
Energy rises, and aspirin passed

Spilling out of trains and stations
A sea of pink as far as one can see
Finding its way through quiet streets
That wait a human wave

Now crowds of gathering dreams
Following and leading all the same
Manifesting online dreams
By standing, walking, marching feet

Who are we to march today
We from the privilege group
With those disposable incomes
On flexible schedules now

Our numbers matter too
Adding bodies in waiting pens
Witness to what we needed
Voices raised as gentle waves
Punctuating handmade signs
Raised like children on our backs

We march for the ones at work
The ones who cannot walk
The ones who will not walk
And the ones who need to walk

The mass of us connects us all
Showing no difference between us all
Unique but connected for all
Don’t believe those who doubt us all

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