David and Tanya – on the event of your marriage.

They tell us that love will fix everything, that all you need is love, that love just appears, once you have love everything will be ok. Sounds like a lot of pop songs, doesn’t it?

Well having been married to Carroll almost 30 years, through good times and bad times, middle of the night feedings, trips to the hospital, disappointments, fights, miscommunications, and my share of selfish behavior, I can honestly say that you need more than just love for love to survive. You need a purposeful, realistic and courageous commitment to keep it alive and healthy.

And in the service of that commitment to love, you find yourself, your strengths and your spiritual home. Being in service to love is being in service to another.

David, over the years we have not always been close. You have been on your own bumpy journey. I have many times been unable to relate to you – where we really related? But since Tanya has entered your life and our family’s life, your energy, your willingness to listen and your trust in others has shown itself. You are in service to a higher cause – love. I see you take joy providing emotional and physical support to Tanya and I applaud you for this courage to accept your vulnerability for Tanya. You will find true joy in service to this love and it will enhance all your relationships!

Tanya, as the oldest of the four brothers, it is a great and humble honor to welcome you to this wounded, crazy and lovely family. I have only known you for a short time but your humor and joy I see you receive by keeping my brother grounded and present is a wonderful expression of your respect for this love you both share. I have also witnessed how courageous and determined a woman you are with your daily challenges with Lupus – you are an inspiration, my dear.

Now David and Tanya you have each other to share the challenges and joys that lay ahead. You are not alone, you are in service of a shared love that will bring out the persons you were meant to be.

Love you both.

Nat Connacher
September 30, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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